Perceive that which cannot be seen with the eye. Open yourself to the everyday beauty of life. Make life your art and pursue it with unfettered passion.” – Miyamoto Musashi, author of The Five Rings

If you have had a precursory look at this site – scrolling through the images and reading a few of the quotes and banners on each page – you already have a growing sense about who I am, what I believe in, and what I might offer you as a therapist. If you gathered that I have a positive attitude about life and relationships, and believe strongly and deeply in the power of our thoughts to change our lives, that happiness is worth striving for, and that despite my rather obvious metaphysical and spiritual interests, my work is based on research, you would be right.

I am, by nature, warm, intuitive, sensitive, direct, honest, sometimes blunt, sometimes challenging, verbal, responsive, and highly interactive. As a therapist, I am quite passionate and determined on your behalf. I WANT you to succeed; I want your relationships to succeed. I want you to achieve your goals, whatever they may be, and feel at peace within yourself. Most of all, I want you to learn to trust yourself deeply, and to learn how to both hear and follow your innermost guidance on your path to happiness.

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