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Choose to THRIVE, not just survive! Cultivate the art of inner happiness, every day of your life!

I am an unabashed advocate of happiness.  I believe deeply – with every fiber of my being – that joy, deep peace, a still and radiating center of well-being and happiness is our true nature.  It may not be easy to access this state, but research demonstrates that while we may be born with a genetic set point for happiness, this set point is a range, and accounts for only 50% of our innate temperament and personality traits. We all have the potential to experience more optimism and happiness if we put forth the effort and make some basic changes in our habitual ways of thinking and acting!

What if joy became a central mission in your own life? How do you imagine your life might be different? 

My work is about helping you recognize you have the power to be happy, no matter what is happening in your life. Everyone wants to feel happy. To laugh from a place of joy and deep, inner freedom. To feel good about themselves, their lives and the people they love.  It is my life’s mission in this work, to help you do just that.

“Anyone can revolt. It is more difficult to silently obey our own inner promptings, and to spend our lives finding sincere and fitting means of expression for our temperament and our gifts.” – Georges Rouault

If Joy is your choice, I am the therapist for you!

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One of the things that differentiates optimistic people from pessimistic people is this: happy people believe life is under their control.  Unhappy people believe that life is not under their control, that things happen to them. Good luck, bad luck it’s out of their hands. In truth, both optimistic and pessimistic people have the same challenges in life, the same changing wheel of fortune.  Difficult things happen to all of us: job loss, divorce, illness, losses, death, a bad economy, disadvantaged childhood circumstances, rejection, betrayal. Happy people often have experienced as many difficult circumstances as unhappy people. We share a universal wheel of common relationship challenges and life circumstances.  Optimistic people are simply handling life circumstances better.

Learn how to become happy and joyful from deep within yourself.

Happy people find the silver lining and focus on the positives in their experience. The act of reframing, such as finding the positive silver lining no matter what the circumstance, transforms a negative event that is out of your control into a positive meaningful experience that you have created in response. These are skills you can learn, habits of mind that will not only change your perspective but also your experience. I will help you cultivate a habit of mind where you focus on seeing the positive aspects of your life rather than always focusing on what is wrong.

In the world’s great spiritual practices, this state of mind is often written about in the language of gratitude and mindfulness:

  • Appreciating your life
  • Counting your blessings
  • Using your mind’s attention – bringing your full and mindful awareness and attention to your immediate experience – to witness and then transform.
  • Redirecting your thoughts, through an intention to be happy, reinforces the positives of your life.

There are techniques for all of these. Learning them is how you begin to access the inherent core of well-being that is at your center.

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Find out more about how COUPLES COUNSELING can help your relationship!

The more I work with couples, the more often I find myself addressing each partner€™s individual relationship to finding and expressing their own, inner well-being and joy. Often, couples sense, and are reacting to, each other’s core pain and lack of happiness. As each partner reaches for personal wholeness and well-being, the relationship thrives. Helping couples find more harmony and closeness together,  while each partner becomes stronger, more vibrant and aware within the self, is my personal mission towards creating peace on our planet, one relationship at a time.

Are you commmitted to bringing joyful play and deep inner happiness to your evolution together?

I love working with couples who see their relationship as a path of inner awakening, growth and evolution. Find out more about how COUPLES COUNSELING can help you cultiavate a more loving, emotionally connected partnership while catalyzing your own path towards increased happiness.

Thrive? Or simply manage and get by? The choice is yours!