A radical heart embraces it all with passion and abandon. Surrendering to love is a path of transformation.

Change happens at home, not just on the couch!

Whether you seek counseling for couples work or as an individual, the path leads back to you – you’re becoming more empowered, self-aware, confident, and an effective communicator. The result? Successfully realizing your personal dreams and ambitions while living life creatively, on your terms. Dare to live a life that makes YOU happy!

I work best with clients who seek genuine growth, if not “radical transformation.” This is not a mystery! Concrete behavioral change requires self-honesty, cultivating awareness, revamping your thinking, and taking action – not just talking!

What does your heart yearn for? Follow its lead, fearlessly and courageously, and discover your happiness and inherent wholeness. You are the treasure! What does your heart yearn for?

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