Specializing in Couples and Relationship Issues. A Research Based Approach to Creating Happiness in Love and Life


A radical heart embraces it all with passion and abandon. Surrender to love as a path of transformation.

Change happens at home, not just on the couch!

Whether you seek counseling for couples work or as an individual, the path leads back to you – you becoming more empowered, self aware, confident, an effective communicator. The result?  Successfully realizing your personal dreams and ambitions while living life creatively, on your terms. Dare to live a life that makes YOU happy!

I work best with clients who seek genuine growth, if not “radical transformation.” This is not a mystery!  Concrete behavioral change requires self-honesty, cultivating awareness, revamping your thinking and taking action – not just talk!

What does your heart yearn for? Follow its lead, fearlessly, courageously and discover your happiness and inherent wholeness. You are the treasure! What does your heart yearn for?

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“What do you need to hear to restore love to this relationship?” – Matthew & Terces Englehart

Relationships provide multiple opportunities to catalyze growth and transformation.  Falling in love is easy! Staying in love and maintaining a vibrant emotional and sexual connection requires growth, often asking us to awaken our hearts, deepen our compassion, tame our rampant reactivity and fear based self protection. This is challenging work! Often one or both partners are not entirely aware that cultivating a great relationship requires daily dedication to becoming a better, more evolved and conscious person.  Kindness, mindful awareness and great humility – the ability to see our faults, blind spots and aggression – are essential to having the love you want.  Your relationships with others are only as good as – a true reflection of – your relationship with yourself.  Practice radical self-examination, learn to take 100% responsibility for being the friend, lover, parent, partner you want others to be.”

“Intimate partnership is creating each other as the guru. In intimate partnership, the other is either demonstrating love or calling me to be more loving!” – Matthew & Terces Englehart, founders of Café Gratitude


” I take responsibility for what I say and how it lands in another”™s world.  If there is static or an unclear space in any of my relationships I am looking at how I am responsible and what I can apologize for. This is not the truth but the only place I can stand in power. I often ask, ” What do you need to hear to restore love to this relationship?” – Matthew & Terces Englehart

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What would I have to give up to fall
head over heels in love with myself?

– Matthew & Terces Englehart

It may be an unusual perspective, but loving yourself is simply the most powerful and sacred thing you can do to improve your life and your relationships. Using research-based knowledge and skills, mindful awareness and plenty of practical tools and experiential work, we will work together to help you access core strengths and develop enduring self love and well being.

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Individually tailored for those of you who live out of town or want to sink into an intensive 2-3 day session, focused entirely on addressing your relationship or personal concerns. Available to both individuals and couples.

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Becoming parents is an exciting transition in life. Along with the joy comes busy schedules, lifestyle changes and less time. Many couples experience some degree of stress as they anticipate the possible loss of sexual and emotional intimacy once the baby comes. Coping with sleep deprivation, post partum depression, parenting differences and a major increase in out and out work is difficult for everyone!

Don’t despair! This research-based workshop (done in conjunction with Gottman), has been proven to help couples maintain pre-baby happiness and closeness once the baby arrives!

Both educational and experiential, this workshop was developed to help couples welcoming their first baby strengthen their relationship. Learn effective tools to help ease common tensions and conflict that arise from parenting.  Be in the 33% of couples whose relationship is enhanced by the joy of becoming parents!

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Fellow CGT: I am looking for a co-presenter! I am happy to rove and intend to travel within the US and internationally to do so.


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Have passport, will travel!

My goal is to offer workshops, education and counseling domestically and internationally.  Please see WORKSHOPS and MARATHON SESSIONS for more details about classes, workshops, lectures and counseling intensives that can be offered.